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About the Company

FOOD Zavod is:

A ready-to-eat food production facility, the first of its kind in Russia.

A reliable and cooperative partner.

An extensive range of products.

A cutting-edge upswing company.


FOOD Zavod manufacturing facility

Location: Kirov region, Kostino township, Proizvodstvennaya St., 1B.

Development area - 9250 sq.m.

Construction date - 2012 – 1st quarter of 2014.

Total investments - 1 billion rubles.

Production capacity - 100 thousand ready-to-eat meals per day.

Equipment supplied from France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Japan.

Workplaces created - 120.


FOOD Zavod technique

FOOD Zavod uses produce by Doronichi Agricultural Holding for 70% of its ready-to-eat meals to monitor the quality of the final product and offer competitive prices to its customers.

An innovative technique employed by the world’s best restaurants is used by FOOD Zavod to manufacture its products.

The unique feature of this technique combines vacuum sealing and delicate thermal treatment.

FOOD Zavod owns a laboratory where products are sampled and thoroughly tested.