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Head of Kirov region visits Food Zavod

During his visit to Food Zavod, Igor Vasiliev was shown a vegetable processing room, a process facility and a warehouse. Mr. Vasiliev says: “A unique technique of ready-to-eat meals manufacture preserves the flavor for a long time without artificial preservatives”.

Having inquired about the customers, Mr. Vasiliev confirmed: “It is a right way to use retail networks, so that they will take and distribute our products instead of importing, so that we are able to fill our budget and create more jobs”.  The pricing policy aimed at different types of customers was also met with approval.

The head of the region was show a new promotion project starring Yulia Vysotskaya, a well-known TV presenter. “It is a big thing to put your name behind something. I wish that many more celebrities agreed to sign their names under your projects”, Mr. Vasiliev says.

The Interim Governor concluded as follows: “What we have seen today is one of the opportunities for growth that must be nurtured and supported. It is a part of the concept that I have termed “Kirov Quality”. There are some good examples of Kirov Quality in machine building, agriculture and processing, as we have seen today. Another important issue is that it deals with public health and lifestyle. This must be widely promoted and supported”.