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Healthy Food for Healthy Nation

In July of this year our company was visited by Veronika Skvortsova, the Russian Federation Minister of Public Health. The Food Zavod ready-to-eat meals facility was one of the items in her schedule.

Ms. Skvortsova praised the new facility and expressed high hopes for its success in her conversation with Konstantin Gozman, the CEO of Doronichi Agricultural Holding: “What we have seen today is great indeed and must be the standard for food industry. A whole and healthy meal like this tastes good and is really affordable…”

The Minister also noted that such facility represents an entirely new experience. In her opinion, the FOOD Zavod products, including prescription diet foods, could be supplied to healthcare institutions. “Kirov region can be the pilot project”, Ms. Skvortsova summarized. “If successful, the project will be implemented in other regions as well”.