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Joint assortment of "Edim Doma" ("Eating at home") and "NaturBufet" trademarks


In 2016, we elaborated an assortment of ready meals together with «Edim Doma» («Eating at home») trademark and according to the recipes of Julia Vysotskaya - an actress, TV presenter and expert in the field of cuisine. It is modern home cuisine, which combines Russian cooking traditions and other countries cuisines.

The uniqueness of «Edim Doma» («Eating at home») is in its high level of individualization: the customer trusts not only the trademark, but Julia Vysotskaya as well.


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Trademark advantages

«Edim Doma» («Eating at home») trademark production is intended for the customer with medium income.
The name is associated with healthy food, dainty, tasty and various meals.
More than 70% of customers trust Julia and want to taste her meals.