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Food for Passengers

October 28, 2015 saw the meeting of Nikita Belykh, the Governor of Kirov region, and Vladimir Kalyapin, First Deputy to the CEO of Federal Passenger Company (FPC). Among other things, the parties discussed food for passengers of luxury carriages.

FOOD Zavod, a company from Kirov, was recommended as a supplier of such food. The participants of the meeting demonstrated vacuum sealing cooking technique which makes it possible to preserve nutrients and vitamins without resorting to preservative agents and extend the shelf life of a cooled product to 45 days.

The FPC representatives were enthusiastic about the technique and agreed to launch a pilot project. FOOD ZAVOD will deliver food for luxury cars and restaurant cars. The pilot project will be tested on Kirov – Nizhny Novgorod day train No 9/10.