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"NaturBufet" trademark


"NaturBufet" trademark combines tasty, substantial, well-liked meals, which can be eaten on the run, in the office or at home throughout the day. All meals are ready-to-eat; the one should only microwave it.

"NaturBufet" trademark products are prepared in accordance with "Delicate simmering" innovative technology, which combines airfree and delicate cooking. The technology enables to make products with an extended expiry date without preservatives.

"NaturBufet" products let the consumer save time and diversify daily diet. The consumer can take the meal along, as the unit package is airproof and light.


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Trademark advantages

Product assurance: stable raw material base - around 70% - own raw materials produced in agro-industrial holding "Doronichi", which includes "FOOD ZAVOD". This enables to control production quality and provide the customer with attractive price.
Our meals are cooked in accordance with "Delicate simmering" unique technology, which enables to make them with an extended expiry date (up to 60 days) without preservatives: it offers the possibility to transport them at the temperature from 0° to +4° C.
A wide range of meals – first and second courses, different flavors and cuisines. "NaturBufet" products provides the customer with substantial breakfast, dinner and supper therefore giving an opportunity to combine product matrix in an outlet of any format.
"Self ready packing" packaging is created for supermarkets – it let the product stay safe and healthy when handled, stored or sold.