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Retail networks and outlets

NaturBufet is healthy!

A wide range of individually packaged first and second courses for substantial breakfast, dinner and supper.


Meals are individually packaged for easy microwave heating; the package also functions as a plate when you have your meals outside.


Another key advantage is shelf-ready packaging (SRP) designed for easy handling in supermarkets. Such packaging let the product stay safe and healthy when handled, stored or sold.


NaturBufet products shelf life is max 60 days in a chilled case at the temperature of 0° to +4° C.

A wide range of dishes from various cuisines of the world can suit every taste.


FOOD Zavod ready-to-eat products and their advantages for retail food departments and outlets:

Less need for qualified personnel in the retail food department.

Products are always available (no Out-of-stock).

Energy saving.

Small- to large-scale packaging from 250 g to 5 kg (depends on daily sales).

Reduction of working areas in favor of retail ones.